Selected Publications 

Nichole M. Bauer and Colleen Carpinella. (accepted). Visual Information and Candidate Evaluations: The Influence of Feminine and Masculine Images on Support for Female Candidates. Political Research Quarterly. Click here for the replication data and files.

Nichole M. Bauer.
"The Effects of Counterstereotypic Gender Strategies on Candidate Evaluations." (2017). ​Political Psychology.

Yanna Krupnikov, Spencer Piston, and Nichole M. Bauer. “Saving Face: Identifying Voter Responses to Black and Female Candidates." (2016). ​Political Psychology. 

Nichole M. Bauer. “Emotional, Sensitive, and Unfit for Office?  Gender Stereotype Activation and Support for Female Candidates.” (2015). Political Psychology.  

Nichole M. Bauer. “Who Stereotypes Female Candidates? Identifying Individual Differences in Feminine Stereotype Reliance.'' (2015). Politics, Groups, and Identities.

Yanna Krupnikov and Nichole M. Bauer. 2014.  “The Relationship between Campaign Negativity, Gender and Campaign Context.” Political Behavior, 36(1): 167-188. *Received award for the best paper published in Political Behavior in 2014.